Your Skin is Special, Not Sensitive

Sensitive skin suggests your skin is weak and has negative connotations connected to the word (sensitive) think and speak highly of yourself. 
Special Skin needs Special Attention because your precious and need high-quality attention, Honey Your a Queen! 
DIY home facials are ok, but if you have acne DO NOT! I Repeat DO NOT do your own facials. Save up and go to a legit spa to get a facial. I promise it is worth every dying penny you worked hard to save. They will get your face ph balance, balanced, using the right tools, and creams to treat your face. In the beginning, if it's a good spa they will have you come in every two weeks then once a month then you come at your own discretion. I suggest going right when you feel like you want to start picking your face and wanting to do a home mask. My face breaks out after at home masks making it worse looking before I started and I'm just threw with it. Taking care of my face is worth a self-love investment. Goodbye!


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