What movie character would you want to be in your next life?



Sadie: Damn, Did you even think about how you are going to take care of yourself? 

Whitney: Nope,  (goes into deep thought ) lol 

I just understood how to fly, like being entitled to living a life designed for you. You inherit this path and have this immortal thinking that you have a purpose, what you might face, handle it. Nothing terrible will happen to me, oh not me; I cry and laugh at the same time, then carry on.

Sadie: What if you end up in a situation you can't get out of for a while?

Whitney: Survival is primal, let's hope I learn a way to escape lol

Sadie: Wait, explain that cry and laugh at the same time part?

Whitney: It was a Joker reference.

Sadie: Are you a forgiving person? 

Whitney: It's interesting when you asked that, I instantly asked myself, " Whitney Who's your favorite John Snow or Daenerys lol

Sadie: Well, Which one?

Whitney: Arya lol 




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